「高水準な工業品質と現代的なファッション感覚のハイブリッド」をテーマに、時流を読み解き精密な製品へと落とし込む。生産地で広く流用される金型を使わずに一から造形したパーツを組み上げフレームを構成、機械加工を経て熟練工が手仕上げを行う「Machine Made, Hand Finish」を掲げる。


「ものづくり」が一人歩きする風潮や、デザイン・価格の偏重に異議を唱えたい。ブランド名「THE WHITE SCREEN」には、こうした時代性や感覚の「投影」という意味合いが込められている。新しいものを選択するということ、自らに変化を与えそれを楽しむこと、それもまた自己の「投影」である。

THE WHITE SCREEN is the unique luxury eyewear collection that decodes the times and sublimates the products into the precisely manufactured masterpieces with its theme "hybrid of the high-tech industrial standard and the modernistic sense of fashion".

Without deverting the available mold commonly used in the manufacturing district THE WHITE SCREEN builds up the frames with the tailor-made parts regardless high cost under its holding up process "machine made, hand finish".

THE WHITE SCREEN develops the line up dedicating to the educated adults that understand the trend, reflecting the form and the texture in response to the present sense of fashion, as well as the pursuit of quality.

THE WHITE SCREEN opposes the tendency of the predilection for the craftsmanship, and too much emphasis on the design and the price. The brand name holds the deep implication of "projection" of the epoch and the sense.

To cull the brand new stuff or to give and appreciate the transition to is also the self projection.